Our Taranaki raw bush blend honeys contain local pollens of lotus major, clover, kamahi, blackberry, rata, pohutakawa, tree daisy, hinau, flax, manuka, kanuka, rewarewa.

Our honeys are all raw (unheated and unfiltered).

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For sale:

  • Bush Blend – 500g (creamed and liquid)
  • Manuka Bush Blend MGO 35+ – 240g and 400g (creamed) glass jars
  • Rewarewa – 1kg (liquid and creamed)
  • Clover – 250g and 1kg (creamed)
  • Scrub MGO 20 – 250g (liquid) – (manuka, pastoral, bush blend)
Bush Blend creamed 500g
Bush Blend liquid 500g
Bush Blend Manuka MGO 35+ creamed 240g
Bush Blend Manuka MGO 35+ creamed 400g
Rewarewa (NZ Honeysuckle) liquid 1kg
Rewarewa (NZ Honeysuckle) creamed 1kg
Clover creamed 250g
Clover creamed 1kg
Scrub (manuka/pastoral/bush) MGO 20 liquid 250g

Suggestions for using creamed honey: Spread onto toast, crumpets and sandwiches.

Suggestions for using liquid honey: Put into hot drinks, drizzle onto porridge, pancakes, ice-cream or deserts, in marinades and other baking (only need approx half of what you would use sugar).

Storage of liquid honey: Best kept at or above room temperature approx 20 0C, dry and out of sunlight. It will crystallise over time but it will crystallise faster if stored at cooler temperatures (it will still be good to eat). If you don’t like the granulation, you can re-liquidise it by placing the honey pot into a warm water bath (40 0C) until it returns to liquid.

Storage of creamed honey: Keep at room temperature or in the fridge depending on how firm you like it.


Contact us to order.

For sale:

Various sizes available ranging from 1 kg – 8 kg