• To create a wholesome and natural food – we will endeavor to keep the honey as natural as possible from the hive to the honey pot as practical (the way mother nature intended). Raw honey (unpasteurized) retains pollens, enzymes, vitamins and other nutritional elements that could benefit our health and immunity, and could assist with pollen allergies. You won’t be paying more for less and fancy glossy labels with our products.
  • Endeavour to keep honey affordable – as we supply the local and national domestic market we know we have to keep NZ honey affordable for NZers. We cannot expect our customers to be paying jacked-up international pricing and are dead against honey importation and its associated disease risks.
  • Be passionate – we love working with honeybees and are happy to assist other bee keepers, starter bee keepers, schools etc in gaining the best outcome for their hives and we get a real kick out of helping and talking the Buzz. To us, bee keeping is not only a job but also a responsibility.
  • Respect – being punctual, polite and available promptly for our customers and land-owners

Our Bee-Keeping Practices

  • Planting and promotion of food sources for honeybees and also the native NZ bees and birds
  • Minimum harm – practicing bee keeping that causes minimal damage and deaths to bees
  • Keeping healthy well-nourished honeybees
  • Varroa mite treatment – natural is best, but it needs to be viable and sustainable. We use a mixture of organic and non organic treatment 2-3 times per year
  • Supplement sugar feed – only if absolutely necessary to prevent hive starvation and never when the honey supers are on
  • Genes – working towards breeding a honeybee suitable for our environment and increasing queen bee lifespans
  • Not overstocking areas with too many hives
  • Not being greedy by removing all of the honey
  • Not allowing honeybees to become nuisances to neighbours
  • Minimal transportation of hives

Land and Resources

No commercial bee keeper can own all of the land they require for the sustainability of their hives. To produce a first-class product and keep healthy honeybees we need farmers and land owners to allow us access onto their land in order to reach the valuable nectar and pollen sources and to see to our hives. This can be challenging with the current Government and Worksafe bureaucracy, but we and our customers/supporters are doing everything we can to respect and commend on-going access to this resource.